How to select and make your best Final Year Project?

Are you in the last year of B.E., MCA, BSc.IT, BCA, or any other IT field and searching for which domain is the best for final year project? How should you execute your most important academic project successfully?

After reading this post you might get your answer!

Every Project has two most important factors:
  •   Selection
  •  Execution
Your knowledge and capability of entire 4 years is tested. One needs to have good technical knowledge as well as management skills like Planning, Presentation, Time and Resource management. Adding Creative and Innovative flavour to your project is always a good idea.
The Selection Process:
1)    Identifying Domain for project:

S No
Data Analytics - R & Python Programming
Latest, Interesting and in Demand. Good knowledge of Statistics is required.
Big Data and Hadoop
Strong hold on technical and Programming Knowledge is required. This is in Demand Domain.
Machine Learning & Prediction
Interesting. Good Technical and Statistical Knowledge is required. This is in Demand Domain.
Data Warehousing & Mining
Interesting. Requires good knowledge of Database and Mining Algorithms.
Artificial Intelligence
Interesting, Requires good Analytical skills, Algorithms, Protocols Knowledge.
Information Security
Requires lot of Theoretical Knowledge on Cyber law, Security Systems, Encryption and Decryption Techniques.
Cloud Computing Projects
Latest and in Demand. Need to work with Online Free Cloud servers. Requires good knowledge of OS, Servers and their Configurations
E-Commerce & Mobile Apps
Widely Used, Comparatively easy. Requires good UI expertise. Can make it Live too.
Image Processing
Need to have good Knowledge of Signal processing and Hardware, OCR, etc.
Internet of Things(IOT)
Latest, Interesting and in Demand. Involves lots of Hardware and Programming.
2)    Technical Knowledge and Skills: It can be java, PHP, python any language. Select a problem statement even though it's been already solved, you can go through it and implement that in your own way. Selecting a good technology has two benefits: First it increases your resume's weightage and secondly it gives you a first-hand experience of large company's software development process.

3)  Resource, Team and Marks: Hardware and Software requirement for your project should be easily available. 2 to 4 team members are appropriate for the project. Make sure at least one of them knows the Topic very well. Your Project is of ‘’200 Marks’’, make it worth it.

4)  Selection of Features: The features should be feasible and attractive. The usage of terms like Algorithms, new technical tools, frameworks, design pattern, making it live makes it valuable for the Examiner. List down all possible features and assign them priority.

5)  Minimum Hardware Involvement: For BE or BTech in Computer Science or IT, the software matters more than hardware. Wasting time in hardware is not an option.
6)  Selection of Guide: Select a guide who has knowledge on the domain you have selected. Taking advice from the experienced will boost your morale. Who doesn’t like a helping hand.!

 5 best programming languages to consider for your project.
The Execution Process:

1) Research: Get as much information as possible about the project from Internet. Check similar projects on Internet and implement their advantages as well as learn from their drawbacks. Architect it, think of better ways of implementing it and follow best coding practices while working on it.
2) Plan: Never start project without planning properly about it. Normally we have 8 to 9 months to complete our Project. Utilize first two months in research, gathering information, learning technology. The next two months should be dedicated to make a Proof of Concept (PoC explained in next point). Next 2 months enhance the PoC by adding as many features a possible. The Last 2 to 3 months should be for Testing, making minor modification, presentation and Black Book.
3) PoC: Preparing a basic POC and then enhancing it is the best way to learn things at this stage of college. At initial stage, create a basic project, add only core features and test your concepts. Later you can create more modules and integrate them to get the final Project.
4) LoC (Lines of Code): Many students feel “More the Lines of Code the better it is”. However, this concept is not right as the most important thing is that your project should work properly on your project presentation day. Sometimes writing very big codes can create lot of error difficult to manage. Just make sure you have enough code to display your important features. Detect the bugs and solve them so that on presentation day, you have a properly performing and perfect project to showcase.
5) Team Work: Keep in mind that a project cannot be completed by one person only. Understand the capability of each team member and distribute the work accordingly. Few people can make core project code and others can concentrate on UI (User Interface) coding, Presentation and Black Book completion.
6) Regular Backups: Remember our systems can crash anytime! So, maintain backups regularly by making folder date wise and maintain an excel file that can keep the track of work done so far along with date of completion of task.
7) Presentation Day: Make sure you have tested the code twice and on multiple laptops or hardware as many times the code fails on the presentation day. Make very good, formal, animated Power point slides and distribute the speech equally among the team members so that credit also gets equally distributed. Use of words like Algos, Latest Tools, making it Live etc helps in getting better marks. Your UI is very important as external examiner will not get enough time to look at the details of the Projects. (“Jo Dikta hai Woh Bikta hai”) 

Remember that your projects can be your key to success in placements, so pick them cautiously. Hope that the above tips will help you to choose and execute your project wisely. All the Best for the final show.

Written by,
Kremar Mehta
TechTrainer, TalentHome



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