Internet Of Things: The Next Big Thing


Did you know by 2008, there were already more internet connected devices than there were human beings on our planet! Today every electronic device around you has latest IoT systems that change the way we operate on a daily basis.

Want to know more about IoT technology? or maybe you are looking for developing the next IoT product that will transform the world? If so, this is the perfect place to get started.

So what is IoT? According to the most important IoT experts/ influencer, Internet of things is a pervasive technology. Its effects are spanned across different sectors like:
     Smart cities

Generally speaking, Internet of things is an environment, or an ecosystem, where smart objects (including of course smartphones and so on) connect each other.
These smart objects are always, anytime, anywhere connected.
They exchange data, sending it to the cloud.
 IoT cloud platforms collect this data and analyze the information.
As a result, they activate other processes. Moreover, the analysis result is useful to make predictions

An object is smart when it is able to connect to the Internet and exchange data. An object can be a simple sensor that measures the environment temperature, the pressure etc. It must be able to connect to the network and send the measured data.
Another smart object, much more complex, is a smartwatch. It can monitor our health for example, or,  more generally speaking, wearable objects.

If you want to get started, an IoT project is usually made of these things:

                   Microcontroller (smart object)
                   An internet connection (connected device)
                   Sensors, Servos (get information)
                   IoT cloud platform (optional) (send data to the cloud)

 About the author,
         Has an interest in latest technology and has been doing robotics since 7 years.Also participated in numerous robotic competitions and will continue to chase his passion.

                                                               -Aadit Lakhani(Under The Guidance Of Talenthome)


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