Robotics: the next generation re-programmed

"Did you know that the car that you drive is made by a robot! Yes that’s right robots are
programmed to assemble your car and the finishing touches are done by human hands".

Robotics is a branch of technology that revolves around innovation of robots. It deals with design, construction, operation and application of robots. A robot is a type of machine that can be programmed through any source, with the most common one being a computer.  It can be modified as per your needs and can execute complex series of programs. It is also called an automated machine, because they work automatically. 

 Now you might be wondering how can I differentiate between a robot and a machine. A machine is pre-programmed i.e. it has one job to do, for example your fan has the job to just move round and round. However a Robot can be programmed to perform multiple tasks and can be re-programmed to fit your needs. In robotics you design, innovate, construct, operate, program, collaborate to make a new invention. Your establishment in this robotics field requires great knowledge, limitless creativity. Being a robotic engineer, you will never give up and always challenge yourself to make your robot the perfect in anyway it can be. 
After reading the above you will think about how are robots used in modern technology so here are some interesting facts to boost you up:
It is estimated that more than one million robots are currently in operation half of them being in Japan
All satellites and probes are robots.
There is more participation in robotic competitions than in basketball competitions, weird right?
There is a high probability that by 2022, robotics will create 52 million jobs.
Did you know that even Amazon Alexa is a robot. It adapts to your needs and you can change its functions anytime. Just say,”Alexa …”.
NASA has a huge sum of robots and they too help in making and fixing spaceships.

6 reasons why you should chose robotics as your new career:
Limitless Creativity
Robotics opens a new world to your brain, you see things differently, your creativity has no limits.
Knowledge beyond your imagination
Robotics never stops teaching you. You evolve every single day, you are ready to take and use knowledge everywhere.
You innovate 24/7 your brain will tell you to make this better, that better, inventions are born every second. Robotics revolves around this. Innovation is the key to become a successful robotics engineer.
Every invention can’t be created single handedly, two heads are better than one. Robotics requires you to communicate and express yourself to another. What if one day you learn that time travel is possible? Communicate your idea!
When you do the above four, you automatically develop passion and no successful engineer is born without passion.
Most importantly wage in robotics is extremely high, you would make more than a C.F.O of most companies.

Famous Robotics Competitions
Below are some competitions that even I have participated in.

FIRST Competitions
FIRST is a company founded by famous Dean Kamen(who has invented the segway) and co-founder Woodie Flowers. There are four competitions which FIRST offers for different age groups.FIRST revolves around real-life projects and the communtity. I have participated in FLL, where my team stood 9th rank in India, and also FTC, where my team won the Winning Alliance First team. For more information visit their website.

World Robot Olympiad
WRO is Olympiad competition where robots have to solve a maze given by WRO, there are many categories according to your age group. This competition is personally my favourite. I have participated in it 4 times and going to for the 5th time as well. I have represented my country at the International stage in WRO Junior High 2018 challenge. Click the link here to see my robot in action.
For more information click the below link to visit their website.

Now I hope you can re-program yourself. Robot-tick yourself.

About The Writer:
Tanay is an enthusiastic and diligent code,he is also known as 'the techie', he has participated in numerous robotics competitions and has represented and made his country proud at the international stage as well. 
                                            -Tanay Shah(under the guidance of Talenthome Solutions)               


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