The Programmer Kid

The Programmer Kid

It is easy to sit back and think IT skills are only important for those pursuing IT work, but this is 2017, we are becoming more and more reliant on computers even in the smallest aspects of our lives. Banking, Finance, Accounting and other jobs that historically didn’t involved computer chips and programming, now uses computers. Candidates today can distinguish themselves not only by having job-appropriate knowledge and experience, but also by being more tech-savvy than their competitors. 

So, all those young minds sitting at home should start smart. Let us start by looking at some success where KIDS yes KIDS made millions by using a ‘cheap computer’ and an ‘Expensive ambition to make it big’.

These are just two of the great examples where kids made in to the fame by genius idea, great hard work and a pinch of craziness "to achieve big goals with their young souls".

Kids should learn PROGRAMMING

1. Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age. Kids are growing up in a very different world than that of their parents. Cell phones, computers, YouTube, Netflix and Facebook are embedded in their daily lives. Students of today must not only be able to passively consume these technologies, but also to understand and control it by becoming an active part of this huge digital shift.

2. “You have an idea for the next big innovation? Great. Can you bring it to life?”

Everyone has ideas. Only a selected few can make them happen. The ability to code separates those who merely have an idea from those who can make their ideas a reality. If you want your child to be a thinker and innovator who can bring ideas to life, encourage him or her to learn how to program. Programming gives children confidence that they can be designers and builders.

3. Learning programming empowers kids and gives them tools to express themselves in really cool ways.

4. Games with Visual Programming can make them learn logic and concepts fast and easily.

5. Understanding programming helps to understand the New Age World: Today, computing is involved in almost all aspects of our lives, from communications and education to social media, banking, information, security and shopping.Programming can help to execute day to day activities better and faster.

6.  Learning to Code Develops Problem Solving and Computational Thinking Skills: The skills that come with computer programming help kids develop new ways of thinking and foster problem-solving techniques that can be applied effectively in other areas of life.

7. Computational thinking allows pre-schoolers to grasp concepts like algorithms, recursion and heuristics—even if they don’t understand the terms

8: Coding is Fun! Beyond the practical reasons for learning how to code, there’s the fact that creating a game or animation can be fun for kids.

9. Programming teaches you how to think: "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."

10. Achieve your dreams: "If you can program a computer, you can achieve your dreams. A computer doesn't care about your family background, your gender, just that yo
u know how to code. But we're only teaching it in a small handful of schools, why?"
Dick Costolo - CEO, Twitter

11. Coding is creativity unleashed: Another benefit of teaching kids how to code is that it builds their confidence and creativity and provides the tools to create a world of limitless possibilities, where they can build their own paths and solutions in their own way.

12. There are some platforms, like Scratch, that teach kids how to code in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they are stuck in a classroom learning something they don’t want to. They start out by playing games, and if the child doesn’t like any aspect of the game, they can modify it to their preference by rewriting the code.

13.The best one” You can learn by your rules”.

Why do students who begin programming early become so successful? Students who learn to program early in life gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking behind programming. Like learning a language early in life, learning and practicing this type of thinking early in development influences a child’s brain as it is still developing. Therefore, early learners have experienced such boundless success in this field (think Gates, Zuckerberg, Jobs, the list goes on and on). We all know the future of our world is digital…so what can be more important to a child’s future than to provide a child now with a rich foundation in these integral thinking and problem-solving skills that will be so valuable for success in his or her future world.

Think your kids are too young to learn to code? Think again…
TalentHome Solutions has successfully helped more than 200 kids of age group 7 to 15 to learn programming and guided them in their future digital path. 
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Written By:
Kremar Mehta 
   (Director at TalentHome Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
& Jayesh Jain



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